Finding a place to rent in Tulum for more than a vacation can be a real challenge! Whether it’s a long term lease in Tulum or a seasonal rental, Tulum condos, villas and private homes for rent are hard to find if it’s not a vacation!

The Villas at Primer Amor are commonly available for seasonal rentals between the months of April and December -for up to 8 months.  There are also a several of the villas that are open for long term leases up to one year. Long term rentals can often be a matter of timing and good luck in Tulum and @ Villas Primer Amor.

The good news, and your good luck is we ALSO have access to other longer term luxury rentals outside of the Primer Amor complex in Tulum and the surrounding areas.

Let us help you find a place to live in Tulum, we will make sure you find a great place! We came for a week and stayed for a combined 13 years and counting…

If you are interested in long term or seasonal rentals in Tulum, please reach out to us through the contact form!


We’ll see you in Tulum!