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Things To Do In Tulum

Things To Do In Tulum

Tulum to Do or Not to Do

Hit the beach, visit the ruins of Tulum, Coba, or Chichen Itza; explore the Sian Ka’an Biosphere and go all the way to Punta Allen; cool off in one of the local cenotes, or simply relax..there is plenty to do or not do in Tulum.

Head for the jungle and Go See the Wild Monkeys of Punta Laguna!!

Close to Coba, you will find Punta Laguna…instead of going left at the big roundabout on the highway near Coba…go right and take that two-lane paved jungle Hwy about 15 miles (20KM) until you see a banner sign on the right for Punta Laguna and the preserve on the left. Arrive early in the morning or just before dusk for the best chances to see the Spider monkeys. It is an amazing walk through an old growth jungle forest near the crystal-clear Punta Laguna. You can also rent a canoe or ride a zip=line over the lagoon here. Hire the personal guide, they are worth it and will take you right to the monkeys. Entry is $40 pesos per person and the guide is $300 pesos for a group of four or less.

Go Cave Diving!

Tulum has the largest underground river system in the world. The rivers can be accessed by scuba diving into the various cenotes in the area. In 2007, a skeleton believed to be the oldest human remains discovered in the Americas (12,000-13,000 years old) was found in an underwater cave just north of Tulum named Hoyo Negro. There is sure to be more to find. So go explore!

Tulum Entertainment Scene

Tulum eventsReal Fun in Real Time! In addition to all the great adventures to experience in and around Tulum, there is also a lively local entertainment scene!  Live music, happy hours, beach parties and cultural events are always happening in Tulum.  There’s one place to find all the information you need to have some real fun in real time while visiting Tulum!  Check out the TulumNow website and free app for the latest on whats happening in Tulum!

More Adventures In and Around Tulum!

  • Tulum Beaches: One of our main attractions! Always ranked as one of the best beaches in the world on practically every travel site. We concur!
  • The Tulum & Coba Ruins: A spectacular site, and the only ruin overlooking the ocean. As with any of the Mayan ruins, we suggest you hire a guide when buying your ticket. You will learn and appreciate so much more than just walking the ruins on your own. Best to go early, it is cooler and less crowded. Also, head inland to the jungle ruins of Coba!
  • Tulum Wall Art: Rent a bike and take a tour of all the incredible wall art around town as you cruise in the sunshine. There are many beautiful displays on walls all over the town and beach road.  The collection expands all the time, but you will see an amazing display of creative art throughout Tulum.
  • Sian Ka’an Biosphere: There is at least one full day here,many beautiful beaches, the bridge, good snorkeling, Punta Allen and the lagoon. We recommend you take a guided tour, so as not to miss anything in the UNESCO World Heritage Site preserve.  The road can be rough at certain times of the year, but also worth it to see the rarely touched beaches and incredible lagoons.
  • Cenotes: Whether you have never experienced SCUBA or just exploring the majesty, you must see the natural spectacles of the Yucatan peninsula known as cenotes.  Plenty of them to choose from and we’ll have those favorites for you too.
  • Xel–Ha: It’s an all inclusive lagoon and jungle park, all you can eat and drink, alcoholic beverages include. Good snorkeling, river float, birds and jungle animals. Entrance to the park is approximately $80.00-$100 per person for the day. One can swim with dolphins for an additional charge!  Get there early and head to the back of the park first thing for the best experience of Xel Ha.

Have fun, there is no shortage of amazing adventures in nature and incredible experiences in Tulum!!!