F.A.Q.'s and Things to Know About Primer Amor and Tulum

I am flying into Cancun. What is the best way to get to Primer Amor?

The least expensive is the ADO bus, which picks up right outside Terminal 2 & 3. A few times a day, a bus runs directly from the airport to the Tulum bus station, otherwise you can take the bus to Playa del Carmen and hop on another bus to Tulum. Once in Tulum, you will find taxis right outside – hop in one and tell the driver to take you to Villas Primer Amor on the south end of town.

We would recommend renting a car to anyone who visits Tulum; unless you are planning to camp on the beach, things are fairly spread out here - the taxis, transfers, bike rentals and tours add up without a car.

Driving is easy and safe in Tulum - there is a LOT to see and do in the area that is outside biking or walking range...being mobile in Tulum can make a big difference in your overall experience. I have more tips on renting cars if you need them.


The villas are located on the south end of the town of Tulum on the edge of the jungle. It's a 1/2 mile walk into town, 10 minute drive or 20 minute bike ride to the beach. Our small and private complex of 14 town home villas is authentic Tulum with modern luxury. We are in a newer growing part of town on the south end, quiet, gated and secure with a lovely pool well manicured common area - it feels like a quiet resort.

We are walking distance to many excellent restaurants, fresh fruit and seafood purveyors right on the main ave. You can also rent bikes nearby.

Upon arrival we will be here to meet and greet you. We will also have LOTS of local tips and insights for you, personally and inside the pages of a 3-ring binder-with plenty of inside adventure secrets and mouth watering restaurants to recommend.

Our villas are an exceptional location and atmosphere in Tulum. Surrounded by jungle we are also close to town, it is a nice option retreating to a jungle oasis of luxury after a day of adventures around Tulum! The private terrace is a great place to relive the days adventure or plan the next over a beer or margarita!

Should I change money at the airport or bring Traveler’s Checks? Do you accept credit cards? What about using dollars vs pesos?

Although it used to be common practice to bring a big stack of Traveler’s Checks to Mexico, rarely is that the case any longer…particularly in Tulum. You might be able to get a bank to take them but that is about the only place. Credit and debit cards are accepted at some restaurants and stores, but the preference is always cash. So, what to do if you do not want to carry around a large sum of cash? ATM’s! We recommend using the ones located in banks and grocery stores, rather than stand-alone machines. Although you will pay a transaction fee, they are really quite convenient. You will get the current exchange rate in pesos and your bank account will be debited in the currency of your home country. Make sure to notify your bank that you will be using your credit or debit card in Mexico, before you leave home.

There are also several “casa de cambios” around that will exchange dollars, euros, etc., for pesos.

Some restaurants and stores will accept U.S. dollars, however more than likely you will not get a very good exchange rate. You will always be better off paying in pesos if possible.

Our commitment to our guests is to provide them a clean, comfortable, friendly and affordable place to stay while enjoying  this beautiful and natural paradise.  We welcome questions and suggestions at any time and will go above and beyond to bring you the vacation experience that you will cherish for years to come.