Things to Know About Tulum

Tulum is a Two for One Vacation Experience!

Visiting Tulum, Mexico is almost like getting two vacations in one. There are two distinct zones: The beach “Hotel/Jungle Zone” and the “Downtown” and surrounding jungle adventures. Both options have something to offer in an authentic Mayan experience in paradise.

The beaches of Tulum are a pure natural escape to a tropical dream... 
As you venture to the beaches, you will encounter wide, white, powdery beaches lined with coconut palm groves and a lush green jungle canopy set against the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. Lined with small, “eco-chic” cabaña resorts, these beaches have a distinctly bohemian feel. Many of the resorts run off solar, wind and if needed, generators when nature is not providing what they need to operate.

Downtown Tulum is approximately 2.2 miles (3.5 KM) inland from the beach.

You will find an authentic Mayan town with many more restaurants and shopping options.
Venturing into the town of Tulum, especially the side streets or Main Street, you may notice the sharp contrast between traditional Mayan “otochs” (thatched roof and vertical stick homes) against modern construction. A lot of the otoch properties contain papaya, lime, orange, banana, lemon and tamarind trees.

Tamarindo trees are particularly beautiful with their brightly orange flowered stems. Tamarindo is a fruit with a tart and tangy pulp that is delicious by itself or cooked into a sauce used to top fish. A lot of restaurants have Tamarindo sauce on the table tops, don’t be shy and make sure to try it!

The central square or “Centro” is bustling every evening after 8pm. A lively and culturally fun place, downtown Tulum is very safe. No need to worry about mischief here, the locals are welcoming. You will find local families and tourists alike all enjoying the cool night air in the evenings. The after hours scene in downtown Tulum, especially in the high season is active with live music and late night happy hours.