Tulum Ruins: A spectacular site, and the only ruins overlooking the Caribbean Sea. As with any of the Mayan ruins, we suggest you hire a guide when buying your ticket. You will learn and appreciate so much more than just walking the ruins on your own. Best to go early, it is cooler and less crowded.

Coba Ruins: A 50 minute drive from Tulum is the archaeological site of Coba (with slant thingie on the “a” if you could..) – situated on approximately 8 square kilometers are a vast amount of ancient ruins, including one of the last pyramids you can climb in Mexico, it is even taller than the Chichen-Itza. The setting is largely under jungle cover so sunburns are rare, unless of course you take a nap on top of the pyramid! Bicycles are available for rent and make for a comfortable, adventurous journey – they even have a tricycle with a driver who can bike 2 people around on a comfortable padded bench, should you prefer the ultimate in relaxation! After the ruins, the nearby cenotes are a great example of underground water systems. There is even a cenote where you can go underground cliff diving, leaping off a platform 5 meters and another one, almost 15 meters high! Exhilarating and refreshing.